Joe Moorhead

HFC, Akron

About this speaker

Joe Moorhead, an inspirational leader of student-athletes and one of the most ingenious offensive minds in football, has been named the new head coach of The University of Akron football program. A native of Pittsburgh, Moorhead is returning to the Midwest, where he was a member of the Zips coaching staff from 2004-08, including serving as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach from 2006-2008. Moorhead, who has spent the last two seasons as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at the University of Oregon, has a proven track record of success over his nearly quarter century in coaching, including six seasons as a head coach at Mississippi State (2018-19) and Fordham University (2012-15).Moorhead has been the play-caller for five programs that have won a conference championship, including Oregon (2020), Penn State (2016), Fordham (2014), Connecticut (2010) and Akron (2005).

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Joe Moorhead's talk from 1st Annual LFGF Clinic



Akron Offense: 6 for 6 Run Game/RPO’s

March 10, 2023, 04:00 PM
Joe Moorhead